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Make Ready Cleaning

A Clean Home Is Great for Business

When you are putting a house up for sale, the to-do list seems endless. But of all tasks on the list, few are more impactful to the final sale price than how clean and fresh a house looks at the showing. Showing a clean home to potential buyers instantly puts them into a positive frame of mind. That makes them much more willing to negotiate in your favor.

This simple fact is at the core of our make-ready cleaning service. And we’ve gone beyond the typical offering from other companies.

With Personal Castles, not only do you get a team of experienced and reliable cleaning professionals tackling the inside of your house, but we can also make the outside look just as good. We can coordinate professionals in landscaping, pressure washing and minor repairs as well.

Think of us as your make-ready concierge. You ask and we get it done.

We work with real estate agents, as well as directly with home owners. Let us take the stress out of getting your house ready for the showing. Call or text Jean Claude, the owner of Personal Castles, today for more information.

For more information or to get free estimate, call or text Jean Claude at (512) 905-1110.

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