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Examples of Our Restaurant Cleaning Work


If a Customer Can See It, We Will Clean It

The Personal Castles restaurant cleaning service specializes in front-of-the-house cleaning. We focus on the obvious problem areas, such as removing smudges on entryway glass or vacuuming up food scrapes on the floor. We also tackle the areas that are not so obvious, but are still important, such as the high, hard-to-reach spaces of the dining room that can accumulate dust. 

We all know most customers judge a restaurant by the cleanliness of its bathrooms. Our cleaning technicians make sure restroom mirrors, glass, and toilets are spotless. 

Essentially, if a customer can see it, our crew will clean it.

Trustworthy, Reliable Teams

There is a reason our restaurant clients have been with us for years. Our employees are hand-picked for trustworthiness and reliability (we only hire by referral). And we build our cleaning crews based on their ability to work together as a team.

The bottom line is our crew arrives at your restaurant on time and ready to work.

Our Staff Acts As Your Eyes and Ears

Our cleaning crew is often the last to leave a restaurant for the night. This puts them in a unique position to find and solve any potential problems before they become more significant issues. If our cleaning crew sees anything that looks out of place, they will inform restaurant management before leaving for the evening.

Jean Claude, the owner of Personal Castles, is always just a text message or phone call away. Call or text him today for a free estimate!

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