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Organic Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

commercial carpet being cleaned

Organic Steam Carpet Cleaning

Most homeowners and business owners realize the importance of carpet cleaning, but few do it regularly. Our organic steam carpet cleaning service removes stains, cleans deep in the fiber, and leaves your floors looking brand new. We also offer carpet steam cleaning to combat tough odors and discolorations. All products are safe for you and your family and leave no residue behind. Plus, with our organic steam carpet cleaning, your carpet will stay cleaner for longer!

We love our pets, but sometimes they leave permanent marks around the house. If you’ve tried and failed to remove a stain or mark from your carpet, call Personal Castles. We take care to remove almost all of the pet stains out of your furniture, carpet, or flooring. We can even remove stains from your area rugs! Our environmentally friendly treatment combats pet stains and removes most marks or smells. Pet urine treatment can recover the original look and feel of any stained surfaces you have. We take our time to dissolve blemishes in your home. If your coffee-stained office carpet needs a thorough cleaning, we're the team for the job!

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