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Commercial Cleanings

Because of recent events, Personal Castles wants every resident of Austin, TX to stay safe and healthy. If you’re a business owner who needs commercial cleaning services or a dedicated disinfecting company, the team at Personal Castles can help you! Affected commercial properties can remain at risk even after they’ve been evacuated. Our team is here to help you tackle cleaning and disinfecting so you can get back to business in a clean environment.

We can come to any location near Austin, TX to offer total disinfection and commercial cleaning for any building allowing you and your friends or coworkers to resume working. Our team specializes in services for commercial properties including janitorial cleaning service, warehouse cleaning, school cleaning, and office cleaning. We do rough final touch-ups for multi-family homes and apartments and we always work closely with the facility's superintendent.

Dust and harmful bacteria can stay on the surfaces we use every day. If you need deep cleaning, your local disinfecting company Personal Castles can offer immediate aid to assist your commercial property. Because we’re familiar with water damage restoration, commercial cleaning is familiar territory.

Regular cleaning does not kill all germs, but it can lower their numbers and decrease the risk of spreading infections. That’s why after cleaning, we also disinfect the area using chemicals to kill germs on every surface, lowering the risk of spreading infection. Personal Castles uses EPA-registered disinfectants that kill 99.99% of bacteria. We always take great precautions for our team members. We are experts in cleaning and adhere to strict standards set by OSHA and the IICRC. Our commercial cleaning company has undergone extensive training recently to tackle recent threats with a total wipe down service. Our services can make sure any harmful residue is eliminated and spaces are safe to resume regular activity.

For more information or to get free estimate, call us at (512) 905-1110.
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